74 lb. White Synthetic Mixed Media Paper Sheet 26" x 20" 25-Pack

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An ultra-smooth slick incredibly strong non-porous polypropylene substrate that repels water. Work in several different mediums to achieve unique and creative results. Painting or drawing on this surface will require some adjustments by the artist. The surface may be wiped clean to restore the original white of the sheet making it an excellent surface for beginners or for advanced and experimental artists wanting to capture nuances patterns and shapes. Yupo exhibits a unique lifting quality so it is possible to redo specific areas over and over again or build up layers of paint like an oil painter working on a canvas and then take them off to reveal the white of the sheet. Remember that water activates the paint even paint put down months ago. Allow YUPO to dry completely. Spray YUPO with a finishing spray to seal and protect it. Only use a sealant when your work is complete as rework and touch-ups become difficult to do after sealing.Material is 100% polypropylene and is neutral pH acid-free waterproof and recyclable. Can be used for acrylic or watercolor paints alcohol inks oil pastels pencil graphite or printing techniques (monotype offset silkscreen).26" x 20" 74 lb. white sheet. 25-Pack.