96-Color Set

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Larger sticks for longer use. The firm sticks are cleaner and stronger than ordinary pastels. Features a creamy texture for easy blending and less dusting for a cleaner area neater work and less erasure. Use to create broad strokes or fine lines for details. Set includes 96 pastels: Azure Blue Beech Green Black Blue Haze Blue Violet Bottle Green Buff Burgundy Burnt Orange Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Cadmium Yellow Deep Carmine Carmine Madder Carnival Red Ceylon Blue Chrome Yellow Citrine Green Cocoa Brown Cold Deep Gray Cold Light Gray Cold Medium Gray Cold Very Light Gray Colonial Yellow Coral Cordovan Corn Yellow Crimson Red Dark Green Dark Rose Deep Blue Eden Green Emerald Green Endive Green Erin Green Fern Green Flamingo Garnet Harbor Blue Hooker's Green Hyacinth Indian Red Indigo Blue Iron Blue Ivory Lemon Yellow Light Blue Light Naples Yellow Light Ochre Light Sap Green Light Turquoise Madder Pink Maroon Neptune Green Nut Brown Old Lilac Old Rose Olive Green Orange Orchid Orchid Pink Pale Vermillion Palm Green Peach Peacock Blue Persian Rose Pistachio Green Plum Prussian Blue Raw Sienna Red Violet Rose Pink Rust Salmon Pink Sandlewood Sanguine Sap Green Scarlet Sepia Shell Pink Smoke Green Spruce Green Tile Blue Titian Brown Turquoise Blue Tuscan Red Ultramarine Blue Van Dyke Brown Veronese Green Violet Viridian Green Warm Deep Gray Warm Light Gray Warm Medium Gray Warm Very Light Gray White. Colors subject to change.