Oilbar Slim Titanium White

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Oilbar is a unique formulation of genuine oil color in a solid stick. It offers artists an exciting & versatile way of painting & drawing - from sketching to sgraffito to use with tube color. Artists’ Oilbar combines the rich buttery consistency of tube oil color with the immediacy of pastels. Artists’ Oilbar originally developed by artists for artists is made from quality artists’ grade pigments oils and specially selected waxes. A broader new range of 50 colors expands creative options for artists. Better still the new range harmonizes with Winsor & Newton tube ranges for effortless transitions between them or combining with them. Softer than the original new Oilbar transfers to canvas with less pressure further freeing the artist to create bold gestures or subtle passages. Artists’ Oilbar is completely compatible with tube color & mediums.