Opaque Watercolor 24-Color Set

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Professional quality gouache for use by commercial and fine artists. Thins and cleans up with water. Suitable for use with brush airbrush ruling pen or lettering pen where opaque matte and highly brilliant color is desired. The binder pigments color clarity and warmth color concentration and overall high degree of lightfast put Talens gouache in a premium quality class of its own. Outstanding for its consistency from tube to tube in brushability opacity and matteness. Designer colors are uniquely thixotropic – they reduce from a paste-like consistency with just a few mixes with the brush. The colors brush out smoothly and evenly every time. All colors dry to a matte surface within a few minutes. Assorted colors: 200 235 311 337 536 504 501 640 617 227 411 700 205 244 318 508 512 522 648 620 408 374 231 800 801. Colors subject to change. Formerly item #C959-20024. Formerly item #C100516088.