Pastel 30-Color Stick Set

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Unsurpassed glow purity and intensity! Made from the best quality finely ground pure pigments in an extra-fine Kaolin clay binder. The result is a velvety-smooth softness in every color. Each rich color is thoroughly blended and uniform end to end. Contain no hard bits or sharp edges which could cause shiny spots or scratches during application. Handchecked throughout production to ensure artists the consistency in texture color and working qualities on which they’ve come to depend. Each round pastel stick has a transparent label printed with information indicating the color name and number the number suffix indicating whether it is a pure tone (.5) a shade (.3) or a tint (.7 .8 .9); and the lightfastness rating. About 70% of this pastel line has the highest possible degree of lightfastness (+++). Set includes 30 pastels: White 100.5 Lemon Yellow 205.8 Lemon Yellow 205.5 Light Yellow 201.5 Deep Yellow 202.5 Light Orange 236.5 Orange 235.9 Permanent Red 372.5 Madder Lake Deep 331.5 Red Violet 545.5 Blue Violet 548.5 Ultramarine Deep 506.7 Ultramarine Deep 506.5 Prussian Blue 508.7 Phthalo Blue 570.7 Bluish Green 640.7 Permanent Green Deep 619.5 Cinnabar Green Deep 627.5 Cinnabar Green Light 626.7 Permanent Yellow Green 633.5 Olive Green 620.7 Olive Green 620.3 Yellow Ochre 227.5 Burnt Sienna 411.5 Light Oxide Red 339.7 Burnt Umber 409.5 Raw Umber 408.7 Green Grey 709.7 Grey 704.8 Black 700.5. Colors subject to change. Formerly item #C318-23031. Formerly item #C100515676.